Monday, April 2, 2018

SEO Do's and Dont's - Growth Your Small Business

High Quality Backlinks from Related Websites

Do you want improve your SEO? You must focus on backlinks from related websites. Post quality content or image to high authority websites in your keyword.

Good Content

Make your website has unqiue and readable content. Post content to social media and third party websites Then only get good results. Ask to friends to write comments.

Focus keyword in Title, Description, Alt text

This method helps to rank high in Google, put your target keywords in your meta title, meta description. Give the keyword in the body text.

Increase Website Load Speed

This is one of the main SEO factors, If your website load long time your bounce rate reduce.

Analysis Keyword Research

If you want start your busines, you must find keywords with keyword tools and analysis what kind of keyword user searches in Search Engine.

Internal Links

Internal Links is one of the search engine ranking factors and index your content. It is the easiest way to drive more links.


Sitemap is the best way to index your all pages on a site. If helps to crawl your website better. First you generator sitemap and update in your webiste or blog.

Make Sure your website user friendly

Nothing but your content, URL and pages will be easy to understand for user

Fresh Content

Update your content regularly. Fresh content improve your high rank in Google. You should keep your content unique and useful. If the content low quality, then you are going to be penalize


Irrelevant links

Don't get irrelevant & low quality links to your website and no post from unrelated industry.

Keyword Stuffing

Don't use many keywords in your pages or content you will get negative user experience. This is the black hat techniques and considered spamindexing

Cloaking & Doorway pages

This is one of the Black hat SEO techniques. If you use this method your site may penalize.

Copy other website content

Don't post duplicate content to your webpage or website. If match to other webpage content your site was penality issues.

Optimize Anchor text

Your links should be use brand name, website name and anchor text, don't use many times.

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