Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Social Media Marketing - How to Ease the Social Media Overwhelm

Social Media Marketing

When first starting your online business it is very easy to become overwhelmed with everything you have to do. This is especially true in regards to social media. Your saying to yourself that there are not enough hours in a day to do it all.

You have to tweet, post status updates, re-tweet (RT), respond to direct messages (DM) and emails, post on your friends and fan's walls, make recommendations, send happy birthday notes to fans and friends, make connections and on, and on, and on. I am overwhelmed just writing about it.

To help ease the overwhelm, here  are four things you can do on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to help you maintain a consistent presence. These can be done on a daily basis, at set times throughout the day or a few days a week.  The important thing is that you engage consistently. And remember to always offer value when you participate.


Check and respond to emails
Update your status
Send happy birthday notes
Respond to 3-5 status updates


Check and respond to @replies
Write 3-5 tweets
Check and respond to DM
RT valuable tweets from others

Linked In

Check and respond to emails
Update your status
Add or request new connections
Answer 1-2 questions in the Q/A section

These tasks done on a consistent basis will get your social media strategy moving in the right direction. There are also free online tools, such as and Hootsuite, that can automate some of these tasks for you. These tools help you maintain your social media presence without always having to be there yourself. But there is nothing like real-time interaction to help you accomplish your social media goals.

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