Saturday, February 10, 2018

E-Commerce Website Development: Must-Have Homepage and Back End Elements

E-commerce website development used to be all about the shopping cart, but today's Internet entrepreneur needs much more than a simple ordering system on his website. Developing a successful e-commerce website demands an integrated front and back end that allows you and your employees to track orders, compile information about customers and easily update every single page on your website. While there are turn-key e-commerce website design development available, if you want your website to stand out among the cookie-cutter sites on the Web, you need a professionally developed e-commerce website that includes all of the elements you need to run your business.

Back-end E-Commerce Website Development

The back end of your commercial website is your virtual office and its functionality is the heart of your operation. A professionally developed website will provide you with all the tools you need to run your business on the web. The best web design practices for e-commerce include software solutions to add and maintain product pages, update inventory and track income and expenses. It should include a set of integrated databases that allow you to pull reports on every aspect of your business, including customer behavior and preferences.

In addition, you should have access to site statistics and reports that help you evaluate the results of various marketing efforts. Many e-commerce web development companies will include modules that pull statistics from industry standard online applications, such as Google Analytics, and plug them into your own reports, accessible from your own website.

Other backend options depend upon your specific needs. For example, for a larger business, your ecommerce website development company should include a way to set permissions for accessing every area in your backend office. That will allow you to assign access to employees on an as-needed basis, which protects your - and your customers' - sensitive data. If you use Google AdWords, your developer can include a module that allows you to track performance of each of your ads so that you can modify and update them as needed.

Search Engine Optimization for E-Commerce Website Development

Besides the bones of your website - your backend office - your developer should also be building with search engine optimization in mind. Your content creation pages should include fields to enter tags and keywords, and they should automate the process of creating keyword-sensitive titles and META tags in your content. The developer should be aware of best coding practices for SEO so that he can avoid common pitfalls that can tank your website in the search engine results pages.

Front End E-Commerce Website Development

The front end of your website is the face it shows to the world, but a great-looking homepage design is only one tiny element of a successful e-commerce website. A good e-commerce development company understands how to integrate applications like catalogs, product search, contact pages and shopping carts into your overall site design.

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